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Looking for something special? We keep a list of special requests and will give you a call when that item shows up at our store.

Remind your friends and family to donate household building items.
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727 S. 8th Street Canon City, CO
Home Improvement Outlet
Home improvement with a mission. A unique fund-raising approach to help our community build homes for families in need.
The ReStore can pick up and deliver items for the ReStore.  Call to donate your items today!

Donate your used appliances!!!
Items the ReStore™ accepts:
Exterior doors
Ceiling fans / Light fixtures  
Plumbing fixtures
Tools /Building materials
Garage doors / Door openers
Kitchen and Bath cupboards
The ReStore carries a variety of goods, from nuts and bolts to kitchen appliances, building materials, plumbing, NEW PAINT SELECTIONS! Much,Much More!
Doors, Windows, Building Supplies!!
Kitchen & Bath cabinets & Sinks-Many To Choose From!
Canon City ReStore Phone Number:  (719) 275-1787
We don't knock on your door asking for cash donations.  However, if you no longer need that door-donate it!
If it isn't ready for the dump - consider recycling with us.  The ReStore is an innovative response to the current landfill crisis.  ReStores around the country have helped divert tons of material from landfills!
Yes, it's donated:  We provide a service to our community and the money you pay for a serviceable item goes to help a local family achieve home ownership!
Yes, it's used:  We price our items as fairly as possible.